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Welcome to Nori Sushi & Japanese Grill, the people behind sushi for all mankind. Never tried sushi or Japanese cuisine? Try us and we guarantee you will walk out hooked on our food. That's what we do best; making non-believers into believers that Japanese cuisine is the new comfort food. When you walk into a Nori Sushi & Japanese Grill you won't be overwhelmed with Asian decor and music. What you will encounter is a casual atmosphere with today's hottest music playing, people smiling and our friendly staff welcoming you through the doors.


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Nori Sushi & Japanese Grill is a low calorie, high protein cuisine with moderate amounts of carbohydrate and lots of vitamins. Being high in protein and low in fat, fish is extremely easy to digest, a quality that enhanced when eaten raw. Shellfish is said to have beneficial effects on the body, particularly for the skin. Simply stated, sushi is a delicious health food.

Besides "Sushi", do you know about any other Japanese cuisine? Have you ever tasted a real "Dashi" (Japanese broth)? With a few simple tips, you can enjoy authentic Japanese cuisine at home. You might even pick up a little Japanese while you're at it and impress and your friends!